Meet Oz

Oz is a world-class entertainer and one of the busiest mentalists in the country. He developed an interest in magic at a young age and what started as a hobby quickly became a lifelong passion. After a couple of years spent working on Wall Street, Oz decided to pursue his dream and become a full time entertainer. He has now been dazzling audiences with his unique mind-reading ability for over a decade.

Oz’s client list reads like a who's who of politicians, professional athletes, A-list celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies. His natural charisma and charm make him the perfect choice for corporate events and private parties alike. Oz’s unique blend of mentalism and mind-reading create an interactive experience that is redefining the very nature of a magic that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

In the summer of 2015, Oz was featured on TV’s number one rated show, America’s Got Talent. Week after week, he captivated the country with never-before-seen mentalism routines and quickly became a fan favorite, finishing in third place out of thousands of acts. Oz has also appeared on a variety of both national and international networks, a few of which include NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The TODAY Show & ABC World News and been profiled in Forbes, The New York Times, to name but a few.

When he isn’t blowing the minds of audiences around the world, Oz is an avid marathon and ultra-marathon runner, having completed such grueling races as the Badwater 135 Miler, Hawaii Ironman World Championships, Western States 100 and Spartathlon. He takes great pride in his marathon PR of 2:23:52 and has won dozens of races throughout the country.



What is Mentalism?

Think of it as "magic of the mind". Rather than utilizing sleight of hand and fast fingers, mentalism requires a deep knowledge of human behavior. It combines a multitude of techniques including the art of suggestion, subliminal messaging, body language reading, statistical analysis and neurolinguistic programming. Every show is different because every person is different, adding to the element of excitement and surprise at Oz's performances.

When did Oz start performing and how did he get into mentalism and magic?

At age 13, Oz fell in love with magic. While on a cruise with his family, he was brought on stage and witnessed the miracle known as the sponge balls. A sleepless night ensued trying to figure out how in the world one ball transformed into three while squeezed so tightly in his own hand. That night set in motion years of tireless study of all things magic and mentalism. It is all but certain that if you bumped into Oz anytime between the ages of 13 and 23, he had a deck of cards in hand and coins rolling up and down his fingers. By age 14, Oz landed his first steady gig at a local Italian restaurant in Farmington Hills, Michigan and discovered his passion for amazing audiences with his abilities. Over the years his focus went beyond sleight of hand magic and into mentalism, learning from the legends in the field while also creating his own original techniques.

Is Oz psychic? Can he talk to the dead?

Oz has spent years learning how to read people and analyzing what guides their decision making processes. He is neither a fortune teller nor a psychic and does not claim to have supernatural powers. Oz will be the first to tell you that if he knew the future, he would have won the lottery by now…probably more than once! Mentalism is wholesome entertainment appropriate for ages 9 through 99 and will have you amazed at the uncharted potential of the human mind.

I saw Oz perform at a private party and loved his act! Is his show suitable for my next function at work?

Absolutely! Oz provides a unique form of interactive entertainment that is perfect for almost any corporate event. It is a great icebreaker that has people laughing, smiling and engaged…a recipe for success when doing business. Sales meetings, awards dinners, hospitality suites, product launches, trade show, holiday parties and client appreciation events are but a few of the possible functions where Oz can be of service and make the affair truly memorable and talked about for years to come!

What size crowds does Oz perform for?

Whether you are planning a small intimate dinner for several people or a company sales meeting for several thousand, Oz is able to tailor his performance to fit your needs. Virtually no event is too small or too big, it is all about listening to the client's vision and customizing the show to meet and exceed expectations.

Does Oz travel?

Yes indeed. Oz performs throughout the country and throughout the world. He is on the road anywhere from 5 to 15 days each month, both for corporate events and private parties. Please visit the Booking page for availability and quotes.

How much does Oz charge?

Unfortunately there is no way to answer that question without knowing more details about your specific event. Rates vary based on a variety of factors including the type of performance (strolling and/or a stage show and/or MC’ing), the size of the group, the travel requirements and day of the week. Please visit the Booking page for availability and quotes.

Does Oz perform at kids' shows?

Children are becoming more and more sophisticated today, with access to the internet and ever more exposure to the world at a young age. If planning an event with kids primarily over the age of 10, Oz's mix of mind reading and magic will have the group truly amazed and engaged. For younger groups, a traditional children's performer is likely a better choice and Oz can happily refer you to a few trusted colleagues.

How did he do it?!

That is likely the most frequently asked question of all…unfortunately revealing that answer would not be good for Oz's job security!